Make intros ➡️ Get feedback

Warm Intro is the simplest way to find out what happens AFTER you've made an introduction. Have you ever connected two people then wondered how it went? 🤔 Did both people appreciate the intro? 💙 Should you refer either person again? ⁉️ Did anyone benefit? 😵‍💫 Was it just a bad idea? You've put your reputation on the line, wouldn't it be nice to know what happened? With Warm Intro you get feedback WITHOUT having to awkwardly ask. Perfect for: 🔹 A referral to your favorite yoga instructor 🔹 Sharing your go-to copywriter for a marketing project 🔹 Connecting like-minded business people 🔹 Introducing two friends that now live in the same city It's super simple to use (seriously, there is no app or forms to fill out), 100% free, and privacy focused. We don't sell any data: your connections and feedback are your own. Just CC our secret email address the next time you're making an intro, then let the magic 🪄 happen.